Solo Leveling Side Story is Now Out!

Solo Leveling Side Story is Now Out!

A side story was announced to begin serialisation ahead of the expected spring release of the Solo Leveling anime adaptation, and the first two chapters (Chapters 180 & 181) have been released as of the time of writing this article. They can be found on Asura Scans.

After reading the first two chapters, it appears that the side stories will focus on our protagonist Sung Jinwoo (), who has now returned in time to his childhood.

According to Twitter user and reputable general anime news source @AniNewsAndFacts (ANF), the Solo Leveling side-story will be serialised weekly, matching the pace of the original series.

Fans of Solo Leveling are overjoyed at the series’ return. The announcement surprised the fandom because Jang Sung-Rak, aka Dubu, one of the web novel’s original two writers and also the artist behind the webtoon, died last year.

The artwork in the Solo Leveling Side Story webtoon is created by Jang Sung-disciples. Rak’s The artist also left a note at the end of the first chapter of the side story (Chapter 180) stating that the artwork is dedicated to the late Jang Sung-Rak, their leader, teacher, and drawing pioneer.

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