One-Punch Man Creator Teams With Tenkaichi Artist for a New Manga

One-Punch Man Creator Teams With Tenkaichi Artist for a New Manga

Creator of One-Punch Man Tenkaichi’s artist will be illustrating a new manga series called VERSUS for ONE.

The creator of One-Punch Man is collaborating with the artist of Tenkaichi, King of Fighters on an epic battle manga.

ONE, the mangaka behind One-Punch Man, will begin work on a new manga series called VERSUS, with art by Azuma Kyoutarou, the artist behind Tenkaichi and King of Fighters, according to Anime News and Facts. Fans are excited to see the collaboration, which has been described as a “battle fantasy in which 47 Heroes are chosen to fight against the Demon Lord’s 47 demons.” VERSUS will be released on November 26th.

More About One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man debuted as a self-published webcomic in 2009. When ONE announced the series’ hiatus in 2010, Yusuke Murata of Eyeshield 21 read it and knew he wanted to work with the writer right away. They worked together on two one-shots before remaking One-Punch Man, which was serialised on the Tonari no Young Jump website in 2012. The plot revolves around a man who possesses a lethal punch capable of knocking out his opponents in a single swing.

Following One-Punch Man, ONE’s next major project was Mob Psycho 100, which lasted from 2012 to 2017. The series, written and illustrated by ONE, follows Mob, a seemingly ordinary young man who is actually a powerful psychic. He trains under a con man named Reigen Arataka in the hopes of learning to control his abilities. The third season of Mob Psycho 100 is currently airing on Crunchyroll as part of the fall anime lineup.


Azuma Kyoutarou illustrated both Tenkaichi and King of Fighters. Tenkaichi is a battle manga by Nakamaru Yousuke in which Oda Nobunaga declares that he will give the country to the strongest warrior. The game King of Fighters is a remake of King of Fighters XIV for the PlayStation 4. The story, published by Seven Seas Entertainment, follows a group of fighters who are all trying to figure out who the strongest warrior among them is.

One-Punch Man is published by Viz Media, and Mob Psycho 100 is published by Dark Horse Comics. The premiere of VERSUS will take place on November 26.

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