New Isekai Harem Series Where MC Buys His Enemies’ Moms

New Isekai Harem Series Where MC Buys His Enemies’ Moms

A new Isekai manga titled “Yuusha ni zenbu ubawareta ore wa yuusha no hahaoya to Party kumimashita” was recently released. After being kicked out of his party, the main character decides to exact revenge on his former party members by purchasing their mothers from the slave market to form his harem…

In recent years, the isekai genre has grown in popularity. For those unfamiliar with the term “isekai,” it literally means “another world,” and it is frequently used to describe stories in which the main character is transported to or reincarnated in a fantasy world or alternate universe.

Isekai harem is a subgenre of isekai in which the main character is transported or reincarnated into another world and finds himself surrounded by a plethora of attractive love interests.

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Detailed Description of the Series

The main character of the series is a 42-year-old man who is reincarnated as a baby in another world (the story takes place when he becomes a 14-year-old boy). The average life expectancy in this new magical world is 50 years, and girls over the age of 17 are considered old.

The hero was MC’s childhood best friend, and they formed a party together. Things went south when it was revealed that the hero had been having an affair with the girl MC was dating. Both the hero and the girl persuaded the rest of the party to kick MC out, citing his lack of strength as the reason. MC couldn’t bring himself to disagree, despite knowing he was the weakest member of the group, and eventually left the party in disgrace.

While his father replaced the hero’s mother with a younger woman because she was deemed no longer desirable, the hero didn’t seem to mind because he wasn’t particularly close to his mother to begin with. Seeking vengeance on his former party members, the main character formed a new group with their mothers. People appear to be unconcerned about the value or worth of women over the age of 18, leading the protagonist to believe that forming a party with these women would be a satisfying act of retribution.

Where To Read

Because the manga is new, it is not yet officially available in English. However, there are several fan translations available online if you can’t wait for the official translations.

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