10+ Best TV Series To Watch If You Like House Of The Dragon

10+ Best TV Series To Watch If You Like House Of The Dragon

With the first season of House of the Dragon coming to an end, fans may be looking for new shows to watch that are equally as good.

Fans were devastated when Game of Thrones ended three years ago (although not just because it was ending). The sheer number of possible sequels and spin-off series within George R. R. Martin’s universe that addressed comparable subjects and had just as much action was a silver lining.

House of the Dragon is a prequel to Game of Thrones that focuses on the Targaryens of the past and the disintegration of their family. Those who haven’t seen Game of Thrones can still enjoy House of the Dragon, and there are many other shows with similar themes and action.

Best TV Series Like House Of The Dragon

10. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a historical fiction series set in 872 England. Nudity, violence, gore, language, and intense and potentially disturbing sequences are all rated 18 in the show. The plot revolves around a man defending his kingdom from invaders, and there are ownership and birthright issues throughout the realm.

While it is preferable to keep reality and fiction separate, The Last Kingdom shares many similarities with the historically-inspired Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. It’s also a tense series that’s clearly aimed at adults and doesn’t shy away from sex or violence.

9. Outlander

This popular fantasy drama’s popularity has grown over the years through word of mouth, and the show is still going strong, with a seventh season and a prequel on the way.

The series is based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels and follows Caitriona Balfe, a Second World War nurse who is transported back in time to 1742 and meets Scottish warrior Jamie (Sam Heughan).

The series, which combines romance, science fiction, history, and adventure, has one of the most devoted global fan bases.

8. Grimm

Grimm is a fantastic show to watch because it has so many seasons and there is no waiting period because it concluded in 2017. Grimm, like HotD, has a fantastical element, and numerous strange monsters emerge from the woodwork throughout the series. In contrast, Grimm frequently delves into the supernatural as the main character, Nick, battles the horrifying forces that surround him.

Grimm and HotD both feature dark themes and supernatural violence. Grimm, like HotD, is intelligent, well-written, and well-produced for a 2011 show.

7. Being Human 

Being Human is a comedy/drama about an unseen supernatural world that lurks in the streets of Bristol. It’s home to a slew of supernatural creatures, including ghosts, werewolves, and vampires, three of whom share an apartment. Being Human is a violent dark fantasy similar to HotD, but it is concerned with everyday life rather than a monarchy.

Being Human is darker and scarier than HotD. To avoid exposure, persecution, and death, the supernatural entities at the centre of the show disguise themselves as humans. Both series are about deception, fear, and dealing with something much bigger than oneself, whether it’s about royal ancestry or survival on a dangerous planet.

6. Disenchantment 

The dark mood of House of the Dragon can become suffocating after a while, so it’s understandable if fans crave something lighter as a palate cleanser. Disenchantment is a satirical fantasy with many similarities to HotD.

Princess Bean, the show’s protagonist, is a rebellious princess with white blonde hair. Like HoD, Disenchantment enjoys experimenting with fantasy tropes. The show is full of untrustworthy magicians, strange fantastical creatures, and unexpectedly deep conspiracies. It can quench Martin’s thirst while also providing a respite from the sex and gore of Westeros.

5. The Wheel of Time

With 90 million novels sold worldwide, The Wheel of Time is one of the most popular and successful fantasy series of all time.

The series is based on the idea that there is magic in the universe that only certain women have access to, and it has the typical large settings found in a large fantasy franchise.

In 2021, Prime Video will release Robert Jordan’s 15-book fantasy masterpiece. Rosamund Pike and Sophie Okonedo star in the film.

4. The Sandman

The Sandman, a classic Vertigo comic book by Neil Gaiman, is the inspiration for this fantasy/drama series. The Netflix show has been praised for its outstanding visuals and dedication to the concept presented in the comics. Both shows are known for lavish adaptations of well-known literary works.

The Sandman is about the capture of the Endless Dream and the theft of his abilities and powers for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful. However, his confinement has a negative impact on the rest of the world. This is a mature-themed story, similar to HotD, about an ancient king regaining power.

3. The Witcher 

Many HotD viewers are probably familiar with or have seen The Witcher, but it is an excellent series for fans looking for something similar. This is the series for fans of action and adventure. So far, there have been two seasons of The Witcher, and the plot revolves around Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher who wanders around looking for work.

Geralt’s job requires him to kill monsters for a living, and he encounters many of them. There are numerous battles to be fought, and who will win is not always clear. Despite the fact that it is about an outcast who frequently stares into the abyss, it is a suspenseful show with dragons and incestuous monarchy.

2. The Crown 

The Crown, a Netflix series, not only stars Matt Smith, who plays Daemon Targaryen in HotD, but it also follows similar events. HotD cares only about the throne and the Targaryen line. The Crown is an excellent choice for fans looking for a more tranquil but comparable series.

In contrast to HotD, The Crown is set in a fictitious version of the twentieth century and follows the British royal family behind closed doors. It’s a drama that imagines the reality behind the royals’ secrets and lives based on what we know about their history. Despite the lack of fire and blood, the stakes are surprisingly high for a family that clings to and avoids the spotlight.

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Rings of Power or Dragon’s House? Why not have both?

At the end of the summer, both major fantasy series had massive promotional campaigns, but there’s no reason to pick one over the other.

The Rings of Power, like House of the Dragon, is a prequel to a beloved franchise that debuted to high fan expectations. The series has lived up to the hype by providing an excellent introduction to Tolkien’s Middle-Second earth’s Age.

To capture the majesty and scale of Tolkien’s stories, no expense has been spared. Season 1 gradually built up a diverse cast of characters and plotlines, ranging from elves and dwarves to harfoots and men, with a typical evil lurking in the shadows.

BONUS: Shadow And Bone

Shadow and Bone, like House of the Dragon, is a Netflix series based on a fantasy book series. “Shadow and Bone” is set in the Grisha universe, while “HotD” is set in Westeros. Grisha, like Westeros, is endowed with magic and a mystic order capable of summoning natural elements like fire.

The Targaryen dynasty relies on their love of dragons and fire to rule Westeros. Shadow and Bone, on the other hand, is aimed at a younger audience than HotD, but it still maintains a strong sense of drama and intrigue, with several plot twists on the way.

That concludes the list; please share your favourite dark fantasy television series in the comments section!

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