10 Best Anime Like “Mirai Nikki” (The Future Diary)

10 Best Anime Like “Mirai Nikki” (The Future Diary)

Do you want some Future Diary anime recommendations? Here are ten similar anime you should definitely watch!

Yukiteru Amano is a lonely young man who writes in his diary to pass the time. He has a conversation with Deus, the god of time and space, who gives him another suspicious Diary. In order to ensure Yukiteru’s safety, that Diary forces him to compete in a battle royale with 11 other people.

Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) is an engrossing thriller full of unexpected twists. So, if you’re looking for anime that’s similar to the Future Diary, here are some recommendations.

10. School Days

At the start of his second semester, Makoto Itou, a freshman in high school, notices Kotonoha Katsura for the first time. Despite the fact that they ride the same train every day, he is immediately taken with her beauty, but his shyness prevents him from approaching her. Instead, he secretly takes a photo of her and sets it as his phone’s wallpaper: a charm that is said to help you realise your love if kept hidden. A classmate, Sekai Saionji, notices the picture and, rather than reporting him, offers to help him set up with Kotonoha, even befriending her just for him. As a result, the three form an unplanned friendship.

School Days follows the lives of three teenagers as they navigate the ups and downs of high school. The story of these three students will linger in the mind long after the dramatic conclusion in a story full of romance and melancholy.

9. Shiki

Sotoba, a small town where everyone knows everyone, is idyllic and unassuming. Tragically, Megumi Shimizu, a young girl with high hopes, dies unexpectedly from an unknown illness. As more unexplained deaths occur throughout the village during the hot summer months, Toshio Ozaki, the town’s doctor, begins to suspect that something more sinister than a simple disease is at work.

Toshio teams up with Natsuno Yuuki, an aloof and apathetic adolescent, and Kaori and Akira Tanaka, two of Megumi’s friends, to solve the dark mystery surrounding the deaths in Sotoba. As a result of their combined efforts, the investigation leads them to an eerie secret concerning the new family in the Kanemasa mansion.

8. Elfen Lied

Lucy is a “Diclonius” human, meaning she was born with a short pair of horns and invisible telekinetic hands, making her a victim of the government’s inhumane scientific experimentation. When a chance to escape presents itself, Lucy, corrupted by confinement and torture, unleashes a torrent of bloodshed as she flees her captors.

She sustains a crippling head injury during her breakout, leaving her with a split personality: a harmless child with limited speech capacity. In this state, she meets Kouta and his cousin Yuka, two college students who unknowingly take in an injured fugitive, unaware of her murderous tendencies. This act of kindness will change their lives forever, drawing them into the shadowy world of government secrecy and conspiracy.

7. Happy Sugar Life

Satou Matsuzaka is a lovely high school student who is known to be open to men. Satou, on the other hand, realises after a chance encounter with a young girl named Shio Koube that this is her first and only true love.

Satou, who claims to live with her aunt, secretly lives in the same apartment as Shio. Satou, despite her innocent appearance, is willing to go to any length to protect her beloved, even if it means resorting to desperate measures in order to maintain their “happy sugar life.”

6. ChäoS;HEAd

A string of murders dubbed “New Generation Madness” drew widespread attention in Shibuya. As these crimes gained notoriety, they sparked heated debate among the locals. Takumi Nishijou, a high school otaku who frequently has delusions and believes he is constantly being watched, is uninterested in these “New Gen” murders.

Takumi is unconcerned about the real world and spends his time playing online games and watching anime. His normal life is turned upside down, however, when he receives from a user named Shogun a horrifying image of a man staked to a wall. Takumi, after relaxing at an internet cafe, witnesses the same murder scene depicted in the image, as well as a pink-haired girl covered in blood calling out his name.

Takumi, who is conflicted about the nature of reality, is unsure where to place his trust as he becomes involved in the “New Gen” murders, believing that the murderer is out to get him.

5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki are ordinary middle school girls living ordinary lives until they meet Kyuubey, a magical familiar that looks like a cat, and Homura Akemi, a new transfer student.

Kyuubey makes an offer: in exchange for becoming magical girls with enough power to fulfil their dreams, he will grant any of their wishes. Homura Akemi, another magical girl, advises them not to accept the offer, claiming that not everything is as it seems.

Madoka’s Mahou Shoujo Magica is a story of hope, despair, and friendship that delves into the difficulties of being a magical girl and the cost of making a dream come true.

4. Death Note

Heinous murders, petty thefts, and senseless violence pollute the human world. In contrast, the realm of death gods is a mundane, unchanging gambling den. Light Yagami, a brilliant 17-year-old Japanese student, and Ryuk, the sadistic god of death, both believe in the same thing: their worlds are rotten.

Ryuk sends his “Death Note” into the human world for his own entertainment. Light shines through it, mocking the first of its rules: the human whose name is written in this note will perish. Light succumbs to the temptation and experiments by writing a felon’s name, which disturbingly reenacts his first murder.

Light—dubbed “Kira”—follows his wicked sense of justice with the ultimate goal of purging the world of all evildoers, despite the terrifying godlike power that has fallen into his hands. Light’s brilliance rivals L’s, and the grand chase for Kira becomes an intense battle of wits that can only end when one of them dies.

3. Deadman Wonderland

Ganta Igarashi and his classmates appeared to be on their way to Deadman Wonderland, a prison amusement park where convicts perform dangerous acts for the amusement of onlookers. Ganta’s life, on the other hand, is quickly turned upside down when a mysterious man in red massacres his entire class. After being framed for the incident and sentenced to death, Ganta is sent to the very jail he was supposed to visit.

But Ganta’s nightmare is just getting started.

The young protagonist is thrust into a world of sadistic inmates and enigmatic powers, where he must constantly live in fear of the lethal collar placed around his neck, which can only be slowed by winning the prison’s deathly games. Ganta must risk his life to survive in Deadman Wonderland, a ruthless place where it’s not always easy to tell friends from foes, all while searching for the enigmatic “Red Man” and clearing his name.

2. Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East)

On November 22, 2010, Japan was hit by missile strikes, a terrorist act that thankfully resulted in no casualties, earning the moniker “Careless Monday.” Society quickly forgets and returns to normalcy.

Saki Morimi’s life is forever changed three months later, during her graduation trip to America, when she is saved from unexpected trouble by Akira Takizawa. Takizawa is cheerful, but odd in many ways—he’s naked and has amnesia, believing he’s a terrorist. He also has an unusual cell phone that contains 8.2 billion yen in digital cash.

Despite his suspicious characteristics, Saki quickly befriends Takizawa. She has no idea, however, that this is only the beginning of a thrilling death game involving money, cell phones, and the salvation of the world. Higashi no Eden follows Saki on her quest to uncover the mysteries surrounding her savior, while Takizawa battles other people armed with similar cell phones and recalls memories that reveal his possible connection to the event that occurred months ago.

1. Btooom!

Ryouta Sakamoto is unemployed and lives with his mother; his only notable achievement is being Japan’s top player in the popular online video game Btooom! His peaceful life is about to be turned upside down when he finds himself stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, clutching a small green crystal in his left hand and having no memory of how he got there. To his surprise, someone has decided to recreate his favourite game in real life, with life and death on the line.

The players are tasked with killing seven of their fellow participants and stealing their green crystals so that they can return home armed with a bag full of unique bombs known as “BIM.” Ryouta, who initially condemns all forms of violence, is forced to fight when he realises that many of the other players are not as friendly as they appear. Along with Himiko, a fellow Btooom! They attempt to flee the island, getting closer to the truth behind this death match.

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